Episode 83

Published on:

1st Feb 2024

Songwriting and the distortion of meaning - Paul Traynor and Marc Stanislas interview Bryan Estepa

Welcome to a special series of episodes, where WestWords Academy alumni interview their favourite creatives.

In this episode, Paul and Marc speak to musician and songwriter Bryan Estepa about the emotions that inspire them to write, how words, lyrics and music allow us to distort meaning, imposter syndrome, and writing for yourself first.

Bryan Estepa is an Australian singer-songwriter who has been part of the Australian independent music scene for over 20 years and once been labelled one of ‘Sydney’s best kept secrets’. Estepa has released 7 critically acclaimed studio albums (All The Bells And Whistles, Sunday Best, Vessels, Heart Vs Mind, Every Little Thing, Sometimes I Just Don’t Know and Adeline ‘The Early Years’), 2 EP’s (Back To The Middle and Start Again) and undertaken several tours through Australia, Europe, USA, Japan and The Philippines. https://bryanestepa.com/about-bryan/

Paul Traynor is a writer and musician based in western Sydney, a member of the 2022 WestWords Academy and recipient of a 2022 Sydney Review of Books/WestWords Digital Residency, with short stories published in collections through Hawkeye Books, WestWords Living Stories, and ZineWest. Paul is also occasionally known, mainly musically, as klangmoss.

Marc Stanislas, former lead singer of the mighty 'WHYGAO' has made a comeback after 25 years as The Bardsmith. The Bardsmith proposition is simple: Articiulate, resonate! The Bardsmith provides a weekly lyrical song and endeavours to bring back the majesty of album buying experience in this digital world. www.thebardsmith.com

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